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Creepers Mysteries: Haunted Cattle Drive 

“Kingrey Anderson does a masterful job of providing an engaging, age-appropriate ghost story for elementary school kids that offers creepy, but not terrifying, elements... The book also includes a “Movie for the Ear” script of the tale, a play to encourage children to further engage with the story. In an innovative approach to interactive storytelling, young readers are prompted to recruit their friends and family as cast members and develop their own imaginative approaches to sound effects and character development. Overall, the story translates beautifully into a creative opportunity for kids.”  – Kirkus Reviews
udie Award Winner for Best Original Program 
from the Audio Publishers Association

Haunted Cattle DriveMovies for the Ear®
00:00 / 29:59
Creepers Mysteries trailer
Movies for the Ear, LLC

Creepers Mysteries trailer

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