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Activities for Your Kids at Thanksgiving

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

After the gorgeously laden Thanksgiving table has turned into dirty dishes and leftovers, it's time for some drama (ah, ah... not the kind you're thinking). Get your kids rehearsing in the basement so they're ready to perform a Creepers Mystery for the relatives when the fooball game is over. Make sure you get enough Creepers Mysteries books so each cast member can have one in advance. Kids, cousins and neighbors read the book (in the front), and come ready to read their part from the script (in the back). Give each kid a sound effect challenge. Let them figure out how to create a squeaking door or horses galloping. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are invited to join the cast too. It's more fun when everyone gets into the act! Customize and download the FREE Creepers show posters, and try your hand at the Creepers crossword puzzles. You'll be saying, "Thank goodness we had Creepers Mysteries at Thanksgiving."

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